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Coffee Machine Stainless Steel Coffee Shell, Repeat Cycle Filter

Coffee Machine Stainless Steel Coffee Shell, Repeat Cycle Filter

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Product advantages:

1. The lid does not need to be screwed up, just press it up directly, the operation is simple!

2. Compared with the previous ones, this capsule has fewer meshes and a simple structure.

3. No need for brush cleaning.

4. It is suitable for both coarse coffee powder and fine powder.

5. The cup lid has its own powder pressing function, so there is no need to use a powder hammer.

6. The fat is the same as the original Nestl← capsules, with good taste.

Tip: When filling the coffee, it should be filled and compacted to use, so that more powder will be filled, and the coffee effect will be better.

Compatible with Nescafe coffee models

Product package:
A: 1 capsule
B: 2 capsules
C: 3 capsules
D: 1 capsule and 1 powder press
E: 2 capsules and 1 powder press
F: 3 capsules and 1 powder press
G: 1 capsule, 1 powder press and 1 iron spoon
H: 2 capsules, 1 powder press and 1 iron spoon
I: 3 capsules, 1 powder press and 1 iron spoon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James V Nainggolan

The reusable stainless steel coffee pods work very well, after being delivered promptly by the Vendor. Recommend.

Graham Thomas
Disappointing flavour

Capsule is as described however it has to be jiggles to fit in our machine. Only a small amount of water passes through before turning clear. I probably would not buy again.

Thank you for your review. Sorry to disappoint you, we will update the available machine models for future customers to refer to. We will contact you to provide suitable models to you, thank you


Super recomendo. Muito prático e econômico pra fazer café. Funciona perfeitamente na linha Nespresso. Uso sempre. Recomendo!