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Geek Chef Espresso Machine, Compatible With ESE POD Capsules Filter&Milk Frother Steam Wand

Geek Chef Espresso Machine, Compatible With ESE POD Capsules Filter&Milk Frother Steam Wand

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  • ☕ 【20 BAR FOR HIGH QUALITY EXTRACTION】 - This espresso machine has a 20 bar high pressure pump that creates nice dense, maximizes the aroma of the coffee beans and the overall quality of the natural oils for maximum extraction of the espresso aroma.
  • ☕【BREWING WITH ESE POD 】The machine comes with a filter for ESE POD espresso capsules and compatibles. Note that some non ESE POD capsules might not work well with our machines.(machine excluding ESE POD).
  • ☕【PROFESSIONAL FROTHING WAND NOZZLE】 Sleek, portable design and the ability to create delicious foam in seconds. This is a reputable frother that creates tiny bubbles for the smoothest, thickest foam for frothy cappuccinos and silky smooth lattes.
  • ☕ 【EXCELLENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL】: With an accurate dual temperature control system, the temperature of water and the taste of milk foam, foam, coffee and milk can be adjusted to achieve the ideal state.
  • ☕ 【FOR BEST TASTE】: One cups of 30ml/ 1oz, about 7g/ 1 spoon powder, Two cups of 60ml/ 2oz, about 14g/ 2 spoons powder for the best concentration.
  • ☕【Complimentary ESE Filter】.
  • ☕【950W, 1.5L Water Tank】

Geek Chef 20 Bar 2-in-1 Espresso Machines with ESE POD filter and Milk Frother

Geek Chef is a brand that focuses on the future smart family lifestyle and global smart home. Constantly create better products and provide better services for customers.


  • For the first use, we recommend to add water to boil and wash the machine first, then brew espresso.
  • Need to use suitable coffee ESE POT capsules
  • Remove the sealing tape from the bottom of water tank.
  • There is only 1 hole in the funnel to release high pressure.
  • Wipe the outside of the machine with a dry cloth after cleaning.

Easily create extraordinary espresso at home. Espresso can be completed in 40 seconds by pressing a button. You can easily brew excellent espresso at any time and anywhere.

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